Though it has lost its original use, the French snuff box remains a particularly interesting collector's item due to the variety of its shapes, material used, but also due to its originality, the fineness or richness of its manufacturing and decorations.
Jewellery that we love to show round, a testimony to a certain elegance and way of life if not a faithful companion, the snuff box played an important role in our society.
Thanks to endless varieties, we can only but wonder how to start a collection.
Therefore, numerous collectors specialize in a specific type of snuff boxes: either according to its shape, its material, its decoration, colour or even what it used to symbolize...
Nevertheless, the snuff box being an accessory yet not produced or used anymore, it becomes more and more difficult to come accross one.
Antique dealers, antique fairs or car boot sales are therefore the only remaining places where it is still possible to unearth one.
This is your own personal choice to find out your line of action and to revive this yesteryears fad.
Enjoy your collection !!!